​In a throw-away world, longevity is everything…

Posted by Northern Polytunnels on 9th Jan 2023

It’s not often that utilitarian things get a lot of praise. No one ever waxes lyrical about their fridge. No one brags about their dishwasher, down the pub.  You unpack it, set it up, and … read more

How to square a polytunnel

16th Nov 2022

Squaring Polytunnel Foundations We recommend that the foundations are set out accurately, this will ensure the polytunnel is constructed to satisfaction.  Use the 3:4:5 Triangle Method to po … read more

Kingpeng and Northern Polytunnels Join Forces

5th May 2022

Kingpeng, China’s largest glasshouse manufacturer, has agreed a distribution deal with Northern Polytunnels for the UK and Ireland.Ian Wolfenden, managing director of Northern Polytunnels, said this w … read more