Calf Housing

Polytunnel calf houses provide a much welcome source of light and warmth, creating a dry, low-stress environment for your stock whilst keeping bacteria, fungi and odours to a minimum.

But, as well as winter housing, many customers use polytunnels for general storage as well as a dry place to house cattle or sheep, making them a year-round investment. 

Calf Housing

Single Span Cattle Housing

Our single span polyhouse ranging from 24ft x 60ft to 30ft x 150ft on a Hi-Side leg are best suited to rearing 15-50 calves with a liveweight of up to 199kg or housing cattle in smaller batches.

Middle aisle calf housing

Livestock Multi-Span

Larger Multispan Polyhouses These suit larger flocks of sheep, raise larger numbers of calves, or to house cattle.