Livestock Multi-Span

Larger Multispan Polyhouses

These suit larger flocks of sheep, raise larger numbers of calves, or to house cattle. 
As standard this start as a triple bay with a 26-18-26 configuration. The outer bays can be used for loose housing or penned groups with a 3m drive down passageway down the centre. The 18ft bay is solely used as a feed passage but can be adapted for emergency lambing or segregation pens.

Here are a few reasons why you should consider a polytunnel for livestock housing:


·   Shortwave radiation from daylight creates warmer and drier housing conditions - reducing bedding costs.

·   Increased use of natural light means lower energy/lighting requirements.

·   A warmer environment increases the food conversion ratio - lower feed cost.

·   Content livestock; improved welfare; lower lamb/calf mortality.

·   Reduced incidence of twin-lamb disease.

·   Lower cost than traditional buildings.

·   Natural light (UVA + UBV) keeps potentially harmful bacteria, fungi, moulds and odours at minimum levels.

·   Light provides natural vitamin enriching sunshine and warmth for stock.

·   High, dry airflow leads to a cleaner, healthy environment for both livestock and farmer. 

Why A Livestock Housing Polytunnel? 

Multi-Span livestock houses provide the ideal solution to housing livestock in a medium and large-scale, say 400 ewes plus or for calf raising and cattle housing.


Our standard multi-span structure consists of 3-bays, in a 26ft–18ft -26ft configuration. This allows for two structures completely dedicated to housing. The central 18ft bays are added to allow safe, easy access with larger vehicles, feeding wagons as well as giving the stock keeper the ability to segregate in an emergency or inspect from a central location. The percentage of ‘lost’ space with feed/access passages is greatly reduced with the multi-span design. 


Larger numbers of livestock under one roof makes lighter work of many duties, especially when you can’t be in two places at the same time. This type of larger, higher structure is becoming increasing popular for dairy herds and beef cattle as it increased airflow and reduces the build-up of moisture in the structure. 


For a flock of 400 medium ewes, a structure of 70ft wide x 120ft long would be the starting point. 
The same structure as above, but 144ft long would house 120 calves in groups of 10 with a live weight of up to 199kg each.  
We can tailor the length and number of bays to suit your requirements, 

Multispan calf house
Space Allowances for Housed Calves
Feed Face Required table

Multi-Span Sheep House Specifications:

Multi span sheep house specifications

Length: Any length available in increments of the hoop spacing below.


Hoop Spacing*: The hoops (arches) are normally spaced at 8ft apart. 
Our gutter profile dictates the hoop spacing on our multispan structures. However, with some drilling and filling, 7ft or 6ft hoop spacing can be achieved