Nuts, Bolts, Washers & Nails

As a leading polytunnel parts supplier, we stock an extensive range of nails and bolts. Made from the finest commercial-grade materials all our nails and bolts are available at competitive prices.  From self drill screws to sleeve anchors and galvanised staples to wing nuts, we stock polytunnel parts suitable for a variety of uses.  

Hexagon Nut (Flanged) - Pack of 25
20mm long Tee Bolt
Securing Staples pack of 220
Self Drill Screw 4.8 x 19mm
Tee Bolt - Pack of 25
A timber nail plate with a 90 degree angle
Galvanised Staples - Pack of 25
Nylock Hex Nut - Pack of 25
Serrated Flangenut - Pack Of 25
Sleeve Anchor
Pack of 100 Nails
Hex - Pack of 25