Single Span Cattle Housing

Our single span polyhouse ranging from 24ft x 60ft to 30ft x 150ft on a Hi-Side leg are best suited to rearing 15-50 calves with a liveweight of up to 199kg or housing cattle in smaller batches.

Here are a few reasons why you should consider a polytunnel for livestock housing:


·   Shortwave radiation from daylight creates warmer and drier housing conditions - reducing bedding costs.

·   Increased use of natural light means lower energy/lighting requirements.

·   A warmer environment increases the food conversion ratio - lower feed cost.

·   Content livestock; improved welfare; lower calf mortality due to pneumonia. 

·   Lower cost than traditional buildings.

·   Natural light (UVA + UBV) keeps potentially harmful bacteria, fungi, moulds and odours at minimum levels.

·   Light provides natural vitamin enriching sunshine and warmth for stock.

·   High, dry airflow leads to a cleaner, healthy environment for both livestock and farmer. 

Why A Livestock Housing Polytunnel? 

Whether raising calves, or housing cattle in cubicles or straw yards, polytunnels improve your animal’s welfare.  The benefits of natural light and warmth are many. Cattle are homeothermic animals and need to maintain a constant body temperature around 38ºC. The lower critical temperature (LCT) is the temperature below which an animal must burn extra energy to keep warm, i.e. feed is channelled away from growth/production in order to keep warm, hence the warmer winter temperature in a polytunnel will significantly reduce feed inputs. 


The white polythene specifically chosen for this structure, means that there is a lower requirement for artificial lighting reduces energy costs. 60% of natural light including UBA and UVB passes through the polythene drying and naturally disinfecting the floor and bedding ensuring 

Even if feed is available on an ad lib basis it has to be recognised that there are peak periods for feeding e.g. immediately after fresh feed is put down. To prevent subordinate animals giving way to dominant animals (often resulting in reduced growth rates), adequate feeding space must be allocated.

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space allowances chart for livestock
feed face required for cattle table

Single span structures generally offer higher levels of ventilation, due to the ratio of vented sides to floor space. This is increased even more with the calf and cattle house as they are raised by 500mm and 1.00m respectively.


The wider the polytunnel the lower the price per square meter. Making the 9.15m (30ft) wide structure the most economical. If a central feed/access passage is being incorporated into the layout design then the percentage of ‘lost’ housing space is vastly reduced with wider structures.


Single-Span Cattle House Specifications:

Length: Any length available in increments of the hoop spacing below.


Hoop Spacing: The hoops (arches) are normally spaced at 5ft or 6ft apart. We don’t normally supply 7ft hoop spacings because we don’t consider them strong enough in severe weather conditions. However, any hoop spacing can be catered for.