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Traditional Fruit Cage

·  Increments of 2.5m x 2.5m

·  Available in silver or black

·  25mm dia strong framework

·  Galvanised steel joiners

·  Commercial grade netting

Victoriana Fruit Cage

·  Domed or inverted arch roof

·  Available in silver or black

·  Hawk or acorn finial

·  Galvanised steel joiners

·  Commercial grade netting

Raised Beds

·  2inch thick wood for strength

·  Choose either 4x4 ft or 8x4 ft

·  Stackable to any height required

·  Pressure-treated timber

·  Zinc plated steel brackets

Hoop Kits & Fruit Cage Parts

·  Fruit Cage Netting
·  Cloche Film and Hoop Kits

·  Fruit Cage Fittings

·  Fruit Cage Doors

·  Side Netting

3 Day Dispatch on our Hobby Range

Customer Reviews

7.5m wide x 5m long - Fruit Cage

A very efficient service. The quality is good and the abillity to tailor the size of the cage to the size of your plot is an excellent idea. I would recommend this cage system to anybody.

J Williams

5m wide x 5m long - Fruit Cage

This is the second cage we have purchased from Northern Polytunnels and the service and quality cannot be faulted. We customised it to fit a particular space and they provided the extra parts with the same level of excellent service.

Mr R Carter

2.5m wide x 12.5m long - Fruit Cage

Simple to cut to size to replace very old cage and to erect on my own, does what it claims to do. Customer service addressing query was quick, friendly and answered question. Would recommend both product and supplier.


 Victoriana Fruit Cage