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Our unique polythene tensioning system allows the polythene on your polytunnel to be tensioned throughout the year.

As temperatures rise from Winter to Spring, to Summer, the polythene on your polytunnel expands and therefore becomes loose on the hoops. Loose polythene is more susceptible to damage during bad weather which in turn reduces the lifespan of your polythene.

Northern Polytunnels have created a unique system to avoid premature polythene damage.

Using a bespoke turnkey solution, the collar tensioning system enables a quick and easy tensioning of the polytunnel cover throughout the lifespan.

Unlike some manufacturers, our system allows easy tightening and slackening throughout the lifespan of the polytunnel which means you can install the polythene in any season and always have a tight, secure polythene cover that will last.

To tension your polythene, simply loosen the Pipe Collar Tensioning Bracket (A) and lift the hoop (B) to tense the polythene as tight as needed, then retighten A.

The Polythene Tensioning System is available on ALL of our hobby ranges or can be purchased individually Pipe Collar – Tensioning Bracket and retrofitted when you next cover your polytunnel.