Louvres are easily fitted to the ends of our structures.

They can be used in conjunction with doors and the configuration can vary, depending on the size of your structure.

Louvre measurement: 0.79m x 2.12m.
Actual ‘opening’ size: 0.8m x 2.15m.


Ventilation Louvres - Rack and Pinion (Above the door)
These louvres feature a rack and pinion system for opening, controlled by a gearbox with winding handle. The rack and pinion louvres are fully adjustable, not just limited to the three positions like the pull cord louvres.

Ventilation Louvres - Pull Cord (Gable end instead of a door)
These feature our unique 3 positional hinge which locks the louvre in place. This allows the louvre to be set in the fully open position, (90°) 1/2 open (45°) or closed. These can either be single row or a double row (as above) for extra ventilation.

Please contact the office for more information of how to order and fit the Louvres on your structure

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