Insulated Tunnels

Polythene clad structures (polytunnels) hold heat as well, if not better, than glass structures. Twin-skinned polythene clad structures can reduce the rate of heat loss by a further 30%-40% compared to single-skinned polythene structures. So it can make perfect sense to twin-skin your polytunnel where heat inputs are used. This is a relatively simple task which requires an inflation fan to blow air between the two layers of polythene.

Insulated tunnels

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Clear polythene covers are often preferred, as two diffused covers could restrict too much daylight.


The fan is operated by air pressure, so if air leaks out from between the two polytunnel covers (causing a fall in pressure) the fan’s sensor automatically switches it on and tops up the air. During periods of snow, the air pressure can be relaxed to allow the sheets to touch, thus using the heat transfer to melt any unwanted snow loading.


Twin-skinned polytunnels can be supplied as a complete package, or we can upgrade existing polytunnels. 


Several covers can be inflated from a single fan (up to 1,000m²), using our ‘linking’ kits.

Insulated tunnel equipment