The Multi-Span's intelligent construction makes maximum use of all available space, and the high-sided design allows for easy machine access and movement within the tunnel. Increased air volume provides a more harmonised growing environment, which is less susceptible to sudden temperature fluctuations.


A choice of cladding fixing systems is available to suit your needs; timber for a lower initial outlay, or aluminium for increased durability and maximum product lifespan. 


Compared to Single-Span Polytunnels, the Multi-Span better utilises space and as a result is more economical per square metre. The addition of gutters allows for rainwater capture, saving on mains water consumption. 


The Multi-Span has been designed with the erratic British weather in mind. It's robust steel construction, MAGNAtube® coating and unique polythene tensioning system maximises the lifespan of the product. The Multi-Span can be modified or added to as needed, future-proofing your purchase. 

Key Features

Efficient Use of Space

No walking routes between tunnels maximises the growing space available

Interior Height

Up to 2.7m eave height allows for increased crop height and offers better machine access

Internal Climate

15% more air volume creates a slower temperature curve and greater availability of CO2

Effective Ventilation

Easy to add side and/or roof venilation as necessary

Designed to EN13031

Greenhouse Standard EN13031 ensures durability against wind and snow loadings

Cover Tensioning

An easy-to-use tensioning system ensures a drum tight cover, extending the polythene's lifespan

What To Expect From Us


Tailor the structure and internal systems to suit your needs

Bespoke Design

2D & 3D Modelling, structural analysis and project engineering support


2000m2 UK facility with the capacity to process 1,200 tons of steel structures per annum


10,000m2 dispatch area and fleet of delivery vehicles


Experianced on-site project management and specialist equipment for optimum efficiency


Ongoing support and maintenance

Technical Specifiction

High capacity and robust build quality ensures our gutters are able to cope with the rigors of the UK climate. 45° outlet allows water to discharge from the gutter and away from the structure quickly, reducing the chance of blockages.

Timber or Alunminium Box Section End Frames and MAGNAtube 60mm Pre-Galvanised Steel Hoops

Clear, Diffused or Twin Skin Covers Available - Only the highest quality, British manufactured polythene covers

Commercial Grade Sliding Doors - A number of heavy-duty door options available, single or double sliding doors up to 3.5m high. Our heavy-duty options are made with robust door track, brush strip seal for draught exclusion, and Zinc Nickel plated door latches & handles. Available with glass clear PVC vision panel as standard and optional upgraded galvanized lower panel.

Standard Sizes

Standard Sizes

Span 6.4mm 7.9m
Internal Spacing 2.4m
Gutter Height 2m 2.7m

Customisable Options


A choice of overhead spray lines or custom solutions for boom irrigation.

Heating & Twin Skinning

A range of heating solutions can easily be incorporated into our structures. Twin skinning traps the air between two layers of Polythene resulting in a 30% reduction in heat loss. 

Ventilation & Circulation

A choice of ridge, gutter or side ventilation allowing for a more harmonised enviroment. Automation allows for accurate control of ventilation and irrigation. 

Construction Service

Have your structure built with confidence. NP Structures have been providing construction services for over 20 years. We can accurately quote your project and ensure that you are getting quality work at a fair price. 


Our dedicated Construction Manager will liase and co-ordinate your build. From scheduling a contractor, through to hiring plant and ensuring the finished build is to specification and quality. This will all be handled by us. 


Still want to build your structure yourself? Our specialist plant equipment is also available for hire. Request a callback for pricing and availability.