Made from the finest commercial-grade materials our range of polytunnel fittings are intended for use in commercial polytunnels across all industries. From B Fitting Strut Brackets to D Fittings Lintel Hoop Brackets and Long Plates to Commercial Tensioning Brackets all our polytunnel fittings will ensure your commercial polytunnel is of the highest quality and will remain in peak condition for years to come.

Cross-Over Clamps
180mm Long / Short Plate
Polytunnel Cover Tensioning Jack
Single ali-rail
U Bolt / Exhaust Clamp
Timber Lintel Joiner For 30ft Single Span
For Commercial Single Spans This connects your wooden door lintel to the tunnel framework as per the images
A timber nail plate with a 90 degree angle
Timber Nail Plate Flat
Double ali-rail
Single Ali-Box
Brace Bar Bracket (Inside Bolt)