Container Canopy

NP Structures Container Canopies are an innovative work and storage solution for any type of business, from agriculture to the waste management sector. 

These cost effective, rapidly deployed structures are perfect for storing produce, machinery, and animal feed; or to create temporary dry work & storage spaces in construction, Civil Engineering or Haulage and transport.

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Large, open, usable space with no need for internal support columns.


Fast production, delivery and construction timeframes.


Translucent roof membrane allows natural light into the building, saving energy and providing a dry, light, multi-use environment.


PVC fabric covers are supplied in 2m strips for faster construction and a tight, clean finish.


Foundation requirements are more flexible than with traditional metal buildings, allowing easy siting on all terrains.


PVC clad structures can be easily modified, extended or relocated providing ideal solutions for all industries that seek flexible options.


Economical with little to no maintenance costs, providing faster ROI and long term savings.


NP Structures are manufactured using ArmourGuard steel, our own unique corrosion-resistant steel, which is scientifically proven to be up to 20 times stronger than traditional galvanising.

Width Canopy Height Overall Height Container Height PVC Frame Max. Snow Load Max. Wind Load
8m 2.7m 5m 2.6m 610g/m2 60mm ArmourGuard® Steel 650N/m2 260N/m2 (27m/s)
10m 3m 5.6m 76mm ArmourGuard® Steel 650N/m2 260N/m2 (27m/s)
12m 3.5m 6.1m 420N/m2 170N/m2 (22m/s)
14m 4.2m 6.8m 300N/m2  140N/m2 (20m/s)

Made to fit

Container Canopy is designed to fit 20ft and 40ft containers.

Multiple containers can be positioned side by side to create loading and storage bays.

Container Canopies are the perfect work and storage solution for any type of business, often used in agriculture for storing produce, machinery and animal feed, in construction and civil engineering to create temporary dry work & storage spaces, transport and haulage companies to create dry loading areas, and across a range of industries to create low-cost dry storage areas, especially for plant hire and grounds maintenance machinery.


Designed by our in-house structural engineers, our Container Canopy is the perfect temporary storage solution. No planning permission or groundworks required. Ballasted onto 20ft or 40ft long shipping containers, the Container Canopy allows for a spacious storage space without the need for permanent foundations. Multiple containers can be positioned end-to-end to make a longer structure or side by side to create multi-span recycling or loading bays.


Clad in heavy-duty PVC-coated fabric, and featuring our unique StripFix® cladding system, the Container Canopy provides exceptional weather resistance for external storage applications.

Our unique StripFix® system allows the cover to be more effectively tensioned, protecting against weather damage and creating a drum-skin tight finish. Designed to be sheeted in 2m wide PVC strips which are slid into position and individually tensioned, this allows construction to be completed in all weather conditions faster and easier than as a single sheet. Individual strips allow cost-effective maintenance of your canopy and is easily repaired where required.


Full PVC cladding

Our PVC fabric has a life expectancy of up to 10 - 15 years depending on environmental conditions. The fabric is tested with respect to tensile strength, elongation, tearing strength, bursting strength, coating adhesion and resistance to flexing. The fabric is 100% waterproof and flame retardant to BS 7837:1996 (2015) and DIN 4102 (B1).

Clad-rack Container Canopies are highly suited for industrial storage. Colour options are white, grey and olive green. All colours have a solid and a translucent option. Other colours available by request but may increase turnaround times.


Cladding Options - Gables:
Container Canopies are available with gable end panels to create a more enclosed work & storage
space along with fully secured door panels for easy access and extra security. Our gable ends have internal tubular steel supports and a base rail, ensuring they withstand the rigours of the British climate.


We also offer D-Panels, which offer additional protection against weather.


Doors are available for all our widths