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Kingpeng, China’s largest glasshouse manufacturer, has agreed a distribution deal with Northern Polytunnels for the UK and Ireland.

Ian Wolfenden, managing director of Northern Polytunnels, said this was a key moment in the industry in a market dominated by Dutch manufacturers and UK distributors:

We believe that partnering with Kingpeng is an opportunity to bring high quality competitively priced glasshouses to the UK market. Kingpeng have both the capacity and flexibility to deliver large and small projects, they design structures that are purpose built for the location and the operations that are required.

“Northern Polytunnels already have the capability and the specialised equipment for building commercial structures, so this is a natural progression for us to supply glass as well as poly greenhouses.”

Established in 1959, Kingpeng is one of the world’s largest greenhouse manufacturers and export to over 60 countries with a current turnover of $110m, with 3,000 projects completed for 2,000 customers.

Northern Polytunnels supplies Single, Multispan and Superbay polytunnels and has recently completed two of their new high volume Superbay polytunnels (12,900m2) for Ball Hort at the Kindergarden site in Spalding.