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We understand the importance of ventilation and circulation in your structure and have a range of options to help you achieve the growing environment you need.
With a range of options for all our commercial structures from side, ridge and gutter ventilation to louvre vents, roof extraction vents and circulation fans we have an option for every occasion.
Automation options are also available to operate ventilation, irrigation and screens, as well as measuring wind speed and light. Automation is scalable based on your bespoke requirements.

Roof Ventilation

Ridge Vents

Ridge Vents expel air at the highest point in the structure and are naturally regulating using air bouyancy. Available as either single or double opening ventilation dependent on requirements. Fully automated control options available. Can be retrofitted, recommended at the point of re-sheeting. Fully automated control options available. 

Gutter Vents

The perfect ventilation solution for centre bays where excess heat is an issue. Naturally regulating using air buoyancy. Can be added to your structure at the point of ordering or available as a retrofittable option. Gutter vents are easier to retrofit than ridge vents, as this can be done without the need to resheet the structure. Fully automated control options available.

Side Ventilation

Double Side Ventilation on Superbay

Side Ventilation on Mulispan

Side Ventilation on Single Span

Side ventilation can easily be added to any of our commercial structures and encourages airflow allowing for greater temperature control and a more harmonised environment. 


Roll up side ventilation provides a neat and reliable system operated through manual gearboxes or electric motors, these can also be automated to ensure consistent temperature control.


Our automatic ventilation control system can be used in conjunction with side ventilation options to automate the temperature control inside our structures. 


The system opperates on a temperature basis by continuously monitoring the temperature using a wired sensor located within the structure. When the temperature reaches a predetermined point the motor starts to open the ventilation within the structure. 


The activation of ventilation can be carried out in small pre-set increments with an adjustable dwell time between each increment, thereby preventing big swings in temperature. These small adjustments ensure harmonious temperature regulation within the structure. 


For automated roof ventilation, please contact our technical team to discuss your requirements or request a callback below. 

Louvre Vents

Louvre vents are easily fitted into the end of our structures to encourage airflow down the length of the tunnel.


The size and configuration will vary, depending on the size of your structure and your requirements. 


The Louvres feature a rack and pinion system for opening, controlled by a gearbox with winding handles for manual opperation.


The rack and pinion Louvres are fully adjustable, and when used on a Multi-Span Polytunnel can be linked together for synchronised operation.


Motorised and fully automated options are also available. 

Alternative Options

Roof Extraction Fans

A practical low-cost solution to overcome excessive heat build up, use with our control panel and temperature sensor for automated operation. Easy installation from inside the tunnel, self-sealing air tight design. The cowl falls when operation stops to create a draft-free seal. Easily retrofitted. 

Circulation Fans

Stainless steel fan casing with aluminium blades, supplied with plastic coated wire for hanging. Great for creating movement within in the structure and preventing pockets of stale air.