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The Highlander Polytunnel – There can be only one!

We’re pleased to announce our latest addition to the hobby polytunnel range, The Highlander Super Strength. 

Easy to Build

Based on the Easy-Build design, we’ve upped the width of the galvanised hoops we use to a whopping 50mm, that’s 4.3x stronger! Plus we’ve added a stronger Aluminium Boxed Base Rail, as you can see below.

The box rail on the left is the new Highlander Super Strength rail, compared to the standard sized rail we use on the Easy Build

All the great aspects of the  Easy-Build are still there, the wiggle wire polythene fixing system, the unique polytunnel cover tensioning system, optional extras including side vents and crop bars. The only difference is that The Highlander is stronger for those rapidly increasing exposed areas.

As you can see on the above picture, the Super Strength on the left has thicker galvanised hoops.

As our climate continues to change, and gales across the UK become more frequent, Northern Polytunnels have created a stronger polytunnel for the hobby market so that more people can grow their favourite flowers and produce without having to worry about the latest named storm.

To learn more and to buy your own Highlander Super Strength Polytunnel, visit our site here