The Highlander Super Strength

The Highlander - Super Strength Polytunnel is our strongest Hobby structure yet.
It still has the great Easy-Build design that makes it as simple as possible to construct, including wiggle wire, Polythene tensioning system and the quality and durability that Northern Polytunnels is known for, but it's now even stronger, perfect for those exposed areas.
As standard, The Highlander - Super Strength comes with a super strong 50mm galavanised steel tubes. That's a 4.3x stronger than the Easy-Build making it the perfect choice for climates with strong winds.

U.K. Manufactured from the brackets to the polythene.


Our hoops are between 22% & 75% larger in diameter than some competitor models. - The Super Strength Galvanised Steel Hoops are 4.3x stronger than our strong Easy Build and come as 50mm as standard


Armourguard Coated Steel Framework – Galvanised to last a lifetime


Foundation Tubes - 2.5mm thick (others use 1.5mm or less)


Unique Polythene tensioning system - Allows the polythene to be tensioned or loosened as needed throughout the year


Lumisol Polythene - A British made, 7 layered polythene that has been specifically engineered for the British weather


Aluminium Base Rails, Aluminium Door Frame & Aluminium Doors with brush seal as standard – No specialist tools required, no digging, no sawing and no digging and definitely, no rot.


Combination of Doors - One aluminium door kit and one PVC 3-in-1 door with built in ventilation. This combination allows full access, front and back whilst the PVC 3-in-1 door's Velcro panels can be partially or fully opened to allow as much or as little ventilation as required.

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Hoops Construction - Super Strength Strong - Read More

    Our super strength steel tubes are 50mm and coated with Armourguard - our unique high endurance tube which offers up to 20 times the corrosion resistance of pre-galvanised steel tube thanks to its revolutionary combined zinc, aluminium and magnesium coating.

    We supply our hobby hoops in 2 pieces for extra strength, whereas some competitors would rather save money on carriage and jeopordise the structure

Stronger Aluminium C Channel - Read More

    Our strong Aluminium C Channels are even STRONGER on the Highlander

    polytunnel cover jacking

    As you can see, the new, stronger C Channel (on the left) compared to our standard Easy Build channel (on the right) is surrounded by an Aluminium Box, making it Highlander Strong.

Unique Polytunnel Cover Tensioning - Read More

    The Cover Tensioning System - Using a bespoke turnkey solution, the collar tensioning system enables a quick and easy tensioning of the polytunnel cover throughout the lifespan. Unlike some manufacturers, our system allows easy tightening and slackening throughout the lifespan of the SingleSpan which means you can install the polythene in any season and always have a tight, secure polythene cover.

    polytunnel cover jacking

‘Wiggle Wire’ Polythene Fixing System - Read More

    Our aluminium base rails, doors and door frames all incorporate our unique ‘W-Wire’ polythene securing system. Simply weave the ‘W-Wire’ into the open channel of the aluminium rails & frames, securely trapping the polythene in place. Don’t worry if you need to redo a section, it’s easily unclipped and can be ‘wiggled’ back in to place in a jiffy, ensuring a tight, neat finish every time!

    wiggle wire

No Timber = No Sawing, No Hammering, No Fuss - Read More

    Due to the natural variances which occur in timber, and it’s much shorter lifespan, we now only use aluminium for our base rails, doors and door frames. Aluminium is free from defects (such as knots, splits etc.) and will last a lifetime, unlike treated timber which has a lifespan of around 15 years.

    All the fixtures and fittings are simple to attach and allow a little room for adjustment if required. Every piece of aluminium is cut precisely to length, removing the need to trim off any excess.

    Our single door frames have a 0.8mtr opening. The double door frames have a 1.7mtr opening. Due to the extra width of a double door frame they are only available for 12ft (3.66m) and 14ft (4.27m) wide polytunnels. The height of the door lintel is approx. 2mtr.

Foundation Options - Read More

    Screw Anchors

    By far the best and most popular method. Suitable with most soil types, especially clay soils. Avoid only on ground with a high stone/rubble content, peat soils, or loose ground which has been recently disturbed or deeply cultivated.

    Each screw anchor only takes 1-2 minutes to screw in to the ground. Compare this to the time it takes to dig each hole when using either the concreting method or ground anchor plates, and without any of the mess or exertion.

    In recent tests, we measured the strengths of different polytunnel foundation options. The tests showed that our screw anchors out- performed all other methods in most types of soil. A close second place was traditional foundation tubes when concreted in position. In third place, trailing a long way behind, was the use of ground anchor plates (sometimes called ground anchors).

    To give you some idea of the difference, we compared our screw anchors to one of our competitor’s heavy-duty ground plate kits, and found that it took four times more force to pull our screw anchors out of the ground. A real consideration in windy conditions.

    Traditional foundation tubes - Concreting method:

    The recognised method when using traditional foundation tubes is to dig a hole (35cm square x 50cm deep) and set the foundation tubes in concrete. Considered to be one of the most secure methods. Generally only used where screw anchors aren’t suitable.

    Base Plates (for concrete base)

    Base plates are only used when fixing your polytunnel onto a solid concrete base or railway sleepers. Supplied with fixing bolts for securing in place.

Crop bars - Read More

    Although often used to hold hanging baskets or to support lateral poles on which to tie up your tomatoes, peas etc, they are more often added to a polytunnel to give it extra strength. Even though we boast that our polytunnels are strongest available, they will give peace of mind during severe, windy storms and also when heavy snow is expected. They increase the structural strength by at least 20%. Can be retrospectively fitted to existing polytunnels.

    polytunnel cover jacking

Polythene options - Read More

    Lumisol Clear

    lumison clear

    Lumisol Clear is a UV ’open’ polythene film, allowing UV light to reach your plants. This can have many benefits for both edible and ornamental crops, such as enhancing the fragrance, taste, colour, earlier harvesting and longer post-harvest shelf life. In addition, UV open films promote plant anti-oxidants which are good for plant health and encourage stronger plants.

    Due to its clarity, clear polythene allows around 2% more light to enter your polytunnel than with a diffused polythene cover. This extra light brings extra heat which can be a benefit during the early and late months of the growing season. Especially popular in northern and western regions where lower light levels naturally occur.

  • Light transmission: Up to 92%
  • Thickness: 720 gauge
  • Thermic effect: Over 80%
  • Diffusion: Less than 35%

  • Lumisol Diffused

    lumison diffused

    Light-diffusing polythene films scatter the light as it passes through the polythene. This enables the light to penetrate deep into the plant canopy, as it hits the plant from all directions, not just from the direction of the sun. This ‘diffused’ light reduces the higher foliage from shading the lower parts of the plant.

    Lumisol Diffused is a UV ’open’ polythene film, allowing UV light to reach your plants. This can have many benefits for both edible and ornamental crops. Thanks to its unique anti-condensation additive, Lumisol Diffused is able to control condensation on the underside of the film.

  • Light transmission: Up to 90%
  • Thickness: 720 gauge
  • Thermic effect: Over 80%
  • Diffusion: 90%

Side Vent - Read More

    side vent

    Although doors allow adequate ventilation on shorter polytunnels throughout most of the growing season, additional ventilation is often required.

    This simple to operate, low-cost ventilation system offers a practical solution during the summer months, especially for longer polytunnels where stale, humid air can build up in the centre of your polytunnel. Simply wind up the polythene side screen/s when required, and wind down when you want to retain the heat. Can be fitted to one or both sides of your polytunnel. Kit includes aluminium side rail, external polythene wind-up screen, and netting (to cover the ventilation holes). The holes are cut in to the main cover once the side rail has been attached. This kit can be fitted to existing polytunnels.


    This netting will provide you with 40-45% shade value. The net is a UV stablised (UVI) knitted polythylene monofiliment.

Durable Aluminium Sliding Doors - Read More

    Aluminium Sliding Doors: Made from easy-to-assemble aluminium sections incorporating our unique ‘W-Wire’ polythene fixing system. Supplied with enough materials to fully clad it with polythene, or to clad the top half with netting for extra ventilation.

Rear PVC 3-in-1 Door - Read More

    PVC 3 in 1 door

    A double zipped door that allows easy access whilst also allowing measured ventilation with a Velcro panel

    A PVC 3in1 door that suits all weathers and gardeners. Made exclusively for Northern Polytunnels, this door comes with 2 heavy-duty zips for ease of access, a Velcroed panel that can be removed partially or entirely to allow as much or as little ventilation as required and two Velcro tabs that secure your door in place out of the way for those long hot summer days. To install, simply baton the PVC panel to a wooden door frame.

Our Highlander - Super Strength has been designed for extreme exposed locations “The Highlands”, this is our strongest and easiest polytunnel to build we’ve manufactured in the 50 years we have been making and selling polytunnels.

Strength and simplicity were the driving forces behind the Highlander design. we wanted to design the strongest polytunnel, which could be built in a fraction of the time without any specialist tools.


Ease of build

To speed up the building we’ve made sure Each component is cut to size, eliminating the need to cut down or trim any excess material. Each component easily fastens together using specially designed brackets, removing the chances of making mistakes whilst also removing the requirement for carpentry skills (which would be required when using timber components). 

wiggle wire polyethene fixing system secures the polythene and enables you to fix and refix the polyethene if you make a mistake.



To increase the strength, we’ve used commercial polytunnel steel tube size 50.8mm dia and Commercial fittings on a hobby polytunnel, put this together with the Easy Fix Aluminium wiggle wire box profiles from our Easybuild range, the result is without doubt, the best quality and strongest hobby polytunnel on the market. The brackets are stronger, the aluminium rails have been increased, making this the strongest polytunnel around



To ensure our Highlander will last the rigours of time we use our long life ArmourGuard tube and Aluminium profiles which stop the rust and rot which you get from normal pre galvanised steel and timber.


·       The larger steel size from our std hobby range 32mm to 50mm gives 4.3x more strength.

·       Easy Fix Aluminium wiggle wire box profiles for the door frames, doors, and base rails

·       ArmourGuard steel tube offers up to 20 times the corrosion resistance of standard pre galvanised tube giving extended life of the steel framework.

·       Np commercial fittings designed specifically for polytunnels.

·       ArmourGuard steel Extra thick 2.5mm foundation tubes “Concreted in”

·       Cover tensioning system to maintain tight polyethene covers

·       Options for doors, side vents and crop support bars.

·       Lumisol Polythene UK made, 7 layered polythene that has been specifically engineered for the British weather