We have a range of Polythene, Netted and PVC Cover options available to purchase.


Read more about each cover type below.  


If you need help calculating the size of your polythene cover, visit our Polythene Calculator page here

Visqueen Lumisol Diffused Polythene

Light Transmission: Up to 90%
Thickness: 720g (180µm)
Diffusion: Up to 90%
5 Year Guarantee*
Anti-Drip Properties

Lumisol Diffused is a UV open polythene film, this allows the UV light to reach your plants.
Lumisol Diffused polythene scatters the light as it passes through the polythene. This diffusion enables the light to penetrate deep into the plant canopy as it hits the plants in all directions, not just from the direction of the sun. The diffusion also reduces the shading effect the higher foliage has on the lower portion of the plant.
Light diffusing polythene allows more light into your polytunnel when the sun is low in the sky, as the diffusion process deflects more light downwards into the crop. Diffused polythene also helps to reduce temperature fluctuations by reducing the mid-day temperatures by 2-4°.
5 Year incremental guarantee. In practice, a 10 year lifespan is not uncommon.

Visqueen Lumisol Clear Polythene

Light Transmission: Up to 92%
Thickness: 720g (180µm)

Diffusion: Less than 35%
5 Year Guarantee*
Anti-Drip Properties

Lumisol Clear is a UV open polythene film, allowing up to 92% light transmission. The added heat and light is particularly beneficial during the early and later months of the growing season and can lead to earlier harvesting and longer post-harvest shelf life.
UV open films promote plant antioxidants which are good for plant health and encourage stronger plants but can also enhance the fragrance, taste and colour of edible and ornamental crops.
Lumisol Clear Polythene is particularly popular in the north and westerly regions of the UK where lower light levels naturally occur.

White UVI Polythene

Light Transmission: 60-70%
Thickness: 720g (200µm)
Diffusion: 32-33%

White UVI Polythene allows 60-70% light transmission, producing shade and reduced daytime temperatures.
Ideal for crops that require cooler daytime temperatures such as nursery stock, ferns and conifers; also ideal for overwintering hardy shrubs and general hardening off. Higher overnight temperatures encourage plant growth, can reduce plant losses and allow savings to be made on heating.
Also widely used throughout the agricultural sector for livestock housing and general storage purposes.

Green & White Blackout Polythene

Light Transmission: 0%
Thickness: 800g (200µm)

Diffusion: 0% Blackout

Green & White Blackout Polythene is widely used for livestock housing, fish farms, mushroom structures & protective structures.
 This film is made up of three layers, a top green layer to blend into the surrounding environment, a black middle layer to ensure complete opacity and a white inner layer for a brighter working environment. As this polythene has a blackout effect, it will require artificial lighting..

Bespoke Netted Covers

Shade Value: 40-45%
Colour: Dark Green

Our in-house fabrication department can produce net covers to any size, shade netting is also available by the roll. Our standard shade net covers are dark green with a 40-45% shade value, heavier shade values can be catered for.
Our production method spaces the seams 2-3m apart (depending on cover size), with the seams running parallel to the hoops. Bespoke nets can be supplied which can include hemming and eyelets.

High-Quality PVC Covers

Weight: 610gsm

Colours: White, Grey, Green (Solid or Translucent Finish)

Tear Strength: Warp 400N, Weft 350N

Tensile Strength: Warp 1200N/50mm, Weft 350N (BS3424/7B)

Flame Retardant to BS7837:1996 Standards

All our PVC covers are made by our in-house fabrication department. State of the art CNC machines can cut PVC sheets to almost any shape or size. All seams are heat welded to create a join which is stronger than the material itself. 


Translucent PVC cladding is especially popular due to its high strength and light transmission. It is widely used on garden centre retail spaces and PVC clad industrial structures. 

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