Freestanding Range

The NP Structures range of free-standing shelters has been designed to provide an innovative solution to storage problems, whilst avoiding many of the time-consuming aspects of sheds and buildings.  Manufactured here in the UK, from high quality components, they require the bare minimum of groundwork… in most cases, none at all.


 They can be manufactured, supplied and deployed, before most other buildings get off the drawing board.

T range building

T-Range Fabric Building

Designed to the highest standard by our in-house design team, the T-Range is the ideal work and storage building for industrial applications.

S range work shelter

S-Range Work Shelter

Our S-Range is modular, allowing you to create a structure of any length in 2m increments.

mobile work shelter

Mobile Work Shelter

Our Mobile Work Shelter is a robust, portable shelter best suited for temporary jobs and events. Easily dismantled, transported and stored.