Torsino Heavy Duty Hose Pipe

£50.40 excl. VAT | £60.48 incl. VAT

This hose exceeds the Torsino quality with anti torsion by special braiding patterns and more threads.

The hose is PHTHLATE-FREE and applicable at temperatures from -20 up to 60 degrees.

This is the best value for money hose with exceptional quality.

Extremely hard-wearing, anti-kink hose, used by professional landscapers, plant nurseries and garden centres.

This hose has a pressure rating of 8 bar (116psi). 

Most household cold water tap pressures are 1.5-3 bar.

Standard-size garden hose is usually 1/2” (12.5mm) inside diameter, but for long runs, a 3/4” (19mm) hose will deliver more water and maintain a higher pressure.

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