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There's nothing better than the taste of home-grown fruit and vegetables. With a Northern Polytunnel Fruit Cage, planting your own fruit and vegetables and watching them blossom into delicious strawberries, raspberries or other such delights is no longer a distant dream. 


Avoid your garden produce from being ravaged by garden pests and animals before you even get the chance to enjoy it.


Add a fruit cage to your garden or allotment and you could see the amount of fruit and vegetables making it to your kitchen greatly increase.

Simply select the width and length from the drop-down menu below to see the price of the fruit cage you require.


Cage Sizes

Each module measures 2.5m x 2.5m (8’2” x 8’2”). So any size of fruit cage can be supplied in 2.5m increments, both in length and width. Tubes can however be cut down to fit your exact growing area if required. The finished height of the fruit cage is 2 metres.

Fruit Cage Kit Includes:


The framework comprises 25mm (1”) diameter high-strength steel tubing with a 1.5mm wall thickness. Tubes are connected together with galvanised ARMOURGUARD® steel joiners, swaged to provide a neat and robust connection. This produces a framework that is up to 30% stronger than competitive systems.



Supplied with hinges, door fasteners and individual doorposts. For ease of access, you can add an extra door to any size fruit cage. Our extra fruit cage door kit includes two independent upright door posts allowing the door to be positioned anywhere around the cage perimeter.


The side netting for fruit cages is an extruded high strength 2m (6’6”) high polypropylene net with an 18mm (3/4”) square mesh. The roof net is a knitted mesh used by commercial growers, available in a range of widths from 4m (13ft) to 20m (66ft). Nets are attached to the framework using cable ties which allow the net to be removed during the winter months if required.


Excellent fruit cage ordered easily and delivered as stated. Easy to put up and very sturdy. Already paying for itself in the fruit we have picked !!!!

Mark Duggleby

I definitely made the right choice

I definitely made the right choice when I purchased from Northern Polytunnels, the strength and quality of the tubes and fittings I purchased to make a fruit cage will definitely last for countless years and are the best I've seen. Also found the company very helpful when I telephoned them. Delivery was also first class. From my experience would not hesitate to recommend them.

Ms T

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