Field Shelter

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Durable, versatile, and reliable solution for providing shelter in adverse weather conditions.

Manufactured to the highest standards in the heart of Lancashire. 

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Introducing our robust mobile field shelter, expertly designed to withstand the harshest British weather.

Manufactured using MAGNAtube steel and heavy-duty PVC fabric, it features 50mm diameter steel hoops, 32mm bracing bars, and a 100% waterproof, flame-retardant PVC cover with a 5-year UV protection guarantee.

Ideal for sheltering a variety of animals such as sheep, horses, alpacas, or general storage needs. 

The mobile field shelter is available in three lengths – 4m, 6m or 8m and all options are 4m wide and 2.6m high.

Trusted by customers for its durability, ease of assembly, and resilience in adverse weather conditions, this shelter is anchored securely with ground screws.

Optional net gable ends provide additional protection, and with free delivery to mainland UK, it has earned 5-star reviews for standing strong against the elements.


Durable Construction - 50mm diameter hoops, designed to withstand the British weather.
High Quality Materials - Our Steel framework uses the best quality steel that will last and last.
Easy Assembly - Simple bolted steelwork construction and ratchet cover tensioning.
Quick Animal Adoption - Customers experience the immediate utilisation of the shelter by their animals
Versatile Use - Suitable for various purposes, including shelter for sheep, horses, or storage.
Optional Extras - Variety of ends panels to customise to your needs
5 Year Cover Warranty - The PVC covers comes with a 5 year warranty against UV degradation
Free Delivery - The field shelter comes with free delivery to mainland UK.


No Concrete Foundations

Secure quickly with our Galvanised screw anchors. Easy to screw in by hand, and, if the structure needs to moved simply screw out out of the ground and reuse.

Strength & Durability

Large 50mm diameter MAGNAtube gives unrivalled strength & up to 20x the corrosion resistance of galvanised tube.

High Quality PVC Cover

100% waterproof, 610gsm PVC cover fabricated by our in-house PVC team.  The cover is also B2 Flame retardant.

Cover Tensioning

To ensure the longest life of the cover tension is essential.  Our field shelter utilises ratchet straps to pull the cover tight and ensure a long life.

Proven in Adverse Weather

Our customers love how substantial the structure is and how it performs in storms.


Catering to various needs such as shelter for sheep, horses, or general storage, offering customers a flexible solution.


Technical Specification

  • Width: 4m
  • Height: 2.6m
  • Available Lengths: 4m, 6m & 8m
  • Hoop Diameter: 50mm
  • Bracing Bar Diameter: 32mm
  • Cover: Solid Green Heavy-duty 610gsm PVC