Commercial Sliding Door Kit

£293.47 excl. VAT | £352.16 incl. VAT

Sliding doors can be fitted as a single door or double door, and can be fitted to the end or the side of a structure. Our sliding doors have a heavy-duty aluminium door track incorporating a rain pelmet. This is supplied in a full, single length for easy and fast fitting. Hinged doors available on request.

Double sliding door sets have a central drop bolt to secure the doors in the closed position.

The kit also includes door guides, handles, cladding and all the parts required to make fully operational and FULL fittings for BOTH wood and aluminium frames.

Our standard doors and louvres are manufactured using a structural aluminium box-section extrusion incorporating our unique Ali-Trap polythene fixing system.

Each individual door measures 1.5m (4’11”) wide x 2.16m (7’) high, other sizes can be catered for.

Our doors can be purchased as complete kits for retrospectively fitting to existing polytunnels, call 01282 873120 for details.

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