Hobby Single Sliding Aluminium Door Kit

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In need of a new door for your Polytunnel? Our aluminium double sliding door pack comes ready to assemble with both Polythene and netting options.

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The sliding door track easily attaches to your woodend door frames or you aluminium door frames, depending on which polytunnel you have.

The framework sections are cut to size and polythene and netting is included so you can choose all netting, all polythene or half and half.

Our top tip would be to cover the bottom half of the door with polythene, the top half with netting for ventilation, but keep the extra polythene to one side so you can cover the top netted part of the door during the colder months.

The pack contains:

  • Diffused Polythene Door Cladding Pack
  • Sliding Door Track 3.6m
  • Easy Build Door Aluminium Pack
  • Easy Build Double Door Fittings Pack
  • Door Draft Excluder Easy Build 2m
  • Hobby Aluminum Sliding Door Instructions