PVC Double Zip Vent Door

£29.16 excl. VAT | £34.99 incl. VAT

A double zipped PVC 3-in-1 door that suits all weathers and gardeners. that allows easy access whilst also allowing measured ventilation with a Velcro panel.

Made exclusively for Northern Polytunnels, this door comes with 2 heavy-duty zips for ease of access, a Velcro panel that can be removed partially or entirely to allow as much or as little ventilation as required and two Velcro tabs that secure your door in place out of the way for those long hot summer days. To install, simply baton the PVC panel to a wooden door frame or install to an Easy Build aluminium C channel with wiggle wire.

Door Measurements:

Full width of panel = 95cm

Full length of panel = 208cm

Width of door (between the two zips) = 72cm

Height of door (length of zips) = 194cm

Distance between end of panel and zip = 11cm

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