Lumisol Diffused Polythene

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Designed specifically for Polytunnel Covers, Lumisol Diffused is a UV ’open’ polythene film, allowing UV light to reach your plants. 

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Light-diffusing polythene films scatter the light as it passes through the polythene. This enables the light to penetrate deep in to the plant canopy, as it hits the plant from all directions, not just from the direction of the sun. This ‘diffused’ light reduces the higher foliage from shading the lower parts of the plant. Light diffusing films allow more light in to your polytunnel when the sun is low in the sky (early or late in the day, and also during the short days of winter). The diffusing process deflects more light downwards in to the crop, rather than being reflected upwards as happens with glass and clear polythene.

Lumisol Diffused can reduce mid-day summertime temperatures by 2-4°C Anti-Drip (condensation reduction).

Thanks to its unique additive, Lumisol® is able to control the condensation of water on the underside of the tunnel cover. Providing the film is correctly fitted, water will condense uniformly as a very thin layer, which, instead of remaining in position as droplets, runs down the sheet. This reduces the risk of water dripping on to the plants below and prevents the loss of light caused by these droplets, which can amount for as much as 15% light reduction. The effectiveness is reduced over the life of the cover, but an anti-condensation solution (Sunclear©) can be re-applied with a sprayer after several years if required.

Comes with a 5-year incremental guarantee, although a 12-14 year lifespan is not uncommon.

  • Light Transmission: 87-91%
  • Thickness: 720g (180 Micron)
  • Thermicity: 80-85%
  • Diffusion: 90-93%