Side Vent Kit – 5 ft Hoop Spacings

£82.37 excl. VAT | £98.84 incl. VAT

Although doors allow adequate ventilation on shorter polytunnels throughout most of the growing season, additional ventilation is often required.

This simple to operate, low-cost ventilation system offers a practical solution during the summer months, especially for longer polytunnels where stale, humid air can build up in the centre of your polytunnel. Simply wind up the polythene side screen/s when required, and wind down when you want to retain the heat. Can be fitted to one or both sides of your polytunnel. Kit includes aluminium side rail, external polythene wind-up screen, and netting (to cover the ventilation holes). The holes are cut in to the main cover once the side rail has been attached. This kit can be fitted to existing polytunnels.


This netting will provide you with 40-45% shade value. The net is a UV stablised (UVI) knitted polythylene monofiliment.

Shade Value: 40-45%

Weight: 90g per m2

Polythene – Clear Polythene

Light Transmission: Over 90%

Thickness: 600g (150 micron)

Thermic Effect: Over 80%

Diffusion: Optimum for UK

Looking for our 6ft hoop spacing side vent kit

Please note, if these are being retrofit, the green net will be fitted to the outside of the tunnel.

Download the Installation Instructions

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