Porous Pipe

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Porous Pipe is completely porous along its entire length, seeping water precisely where it is needed. It can be installed at ground level, below mulch or underground, minimising water loss to evaporation. It provides ideal gentle and precise watering for raised beds, fruit and vegetable plots, greenhouses and cloches.

It’s quick and simple to install. Due to the fact Porous Pipe is made from recycled tyre remnants, the pipe is tough yet flexible. Porous Pipe works at low pressure – to ½ 1½ bar – therefore avoiding the need for expensive, heavy-duty pumps. It can normally be run using the head of water in storage tanks or mains water pressure.

Diameter: 16mm

Optimum Working Pressure:= 0.5 bar/7.6psi

Working Length: 50m (max)

Watering Rate: 2-6ltrs/mtrs/hr

Space Between Laterals: 30-60cm (depending on soil type)

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