Polytunnel Extraction Fan

£208.32 excl. VAT | £249.98 incl. VAT

Designed to exhaust excessive heat from polythene clad greenhouses.  Usually used with a climate controller.

Simply cut out a 30-35cm hole in your polytunnel cover, insert the fan from the inside in a rotating motion, and clip on to the support bars.

Support bar kits are optional extras, please select the size hoop for the size of your tunnel

  • Air flow: 4,600m³/hr (2,700cfm)
  • Requires single phase 220-240v power supply
  • 200w (0.9A) motor
  • IP55 protected
  • Weight: 7.5kg
  • Top diameter at cowl: 42cm
  • Overall diameter at base: 57cm
  • Overall height: 39cm
  • Comes with a mesh guard on the inlet


  • Save 5% when you purchase 5-9 units
  • Save 10% when you purchase 10-19 units
  • Save 15% when you purchase more than 20 units.

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