Inflation Fan (single phase)

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Inflation fan for blowing air between the two polythene covers of a twin-skinned polytunnel. Twin skinning can reduce heating losses by 30%. Several roofs, sides, ends or ‘D’ panels can be inflated from a single fan.

The fan has an inbuilt pressure switch which starts and stops the fan as required without the need for any intervention, ensuring that the air pressure between the polythene sheets is always maintained.

Please note, when initially installing the inflation fan a Connection Kit (TSK 02) is required for connection, when linking multiple sections together a Twin-Skin Linking Kit (TSK 07) is required. All Connection and Linking Kits are sold separately. 

Power: 220v (single phase), 70W, 0.5A

Air flow: 300m³/hr (1,765cfm)

Weight: 2.7kg

Effective (cover size): 1,000m² (10,765ft²)

Includes a Pressure Relief Valve

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