Danish Trolley Ramp Upper (Above)

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100% Recycled Plastic 

100% Recyclable
Made from 100% post-consumer waste cable jackets


  • Sections interlock (end to end)
  • Can be used as a permanent or temporary track
  • Easy to lay and move
  • Makes trolley movement smooth and quiet
  • Anti-slip surface in the centre of the track
  • Heavy-duty and long-lasting (18kg per section)
  • Made from recycled plastics
  • Supplied in 1.2m x 0.54m interlocking lengths
  • 50 tracks per pallet (for info only)


Temporary track

  • Make sure surface is flat and even
  • When laying long lengths leave a 3mm gap in-between tracks

Permanent track

  • Make sure surface is flat and even
  • Lay woven polypropylene ground cover
  • Apply 20-30mm of fine split gravel
  • Leave a 3mm gap between tracks
  • We recommend not laying or moving the track in freezing weather conditions
  • Getting trolleys on and off the track is made easier by using our ramps