Automatic Vent Controller

£383.90 excl. VAT | £460.68 incl. VAT

This micro-computer has three inputs, enabling it to make decisions based on the greenhouse air temperature, outside air temperature (or rainfall with an optional rain sensor), and an emergency high temperature sensor. 

Under normal operation you would set the desired greenhouse temperature. When the temperature exceeds this the vents start to open in increments. A ‘waiting time’ can be programmed between the increments allowing the temperature to stabilise before further operation. Likewise, when the greenhouse temperature starts to fall below the desired temperature, the same happens in reverse as the vents close. A buffer can be set, e.g. 3C of the desired temperature, where operation is delayed until further fluctuations occur.

In the event of a sensor failure, an ‘emergency’ high temperature sensor will command the vents. 

An outside temperature sensor (supplied) or rain sensor (optional extra) can also be used to make ventilation decisions.

Unit Includes:
Inside temperature sensor on 20m cable.

Outside temperature sensor.
Emergency high temperature sensor.
Connection box for signal driver unit / control panel.

The temperature set point and current temperature are permanently displayed. Proportional control across the full temperature range of +5 to +45C.

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