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Temporary structures can be an excellent solution to creating an economical valeting bay, allowing you to work on your vehicle maintenance in all weather conditions.

What Are Valeting Bays?

Valeting bays provide a sheltered area to clean, detail and carry out paint correction work on your vehicles, out of the weather. They can also be used to store vehicles and equipment.

The beauty of valeting bays lies in their structure: they’re temporary so are fully relocatable, and easy to store; they’re strong and weather resistant and are extremely easy to fit.

Our S-Range Valeting bays are made from high quality MAGNAtube® coated steel, and heavy-duty 610gsm PVC, meaning they’re built to last, can withstand the elements and are made from heavy duty materials suitable for industrial applications.

The PVC fabric covering is made to order in a range of colours and finishings by our in-house fabrication team so can be configured to your requirements: skylights can even be added for increased visibility; as can doors for extra protection.

What are the Benefits of A Valeting Bay?

There are numerous benefits in having a valeting bay, the most common are:

  • Protection From The Elements. A clean environment can be created, so cleaning and detailing work can be carried out unspoiled by rain or dirt in the surrounding area.
  • Work In All Weathers. Make the most of creating a covered environment and carry out intricate detailing and paint corrections regardless of the weather.
  • Reduced Contamination. Keep dirt and dust to a minimum to avoid spoiling polishing and paint correction jobs. Repurposing outdoor space also avoids using valuable indoor servicing areas.
  • Translucent Covers For An Even, Natural Light. You can opt for a translucent cover which will give you an even, natural light to work under minimising the need for artificial light. Skylights can also be added to a solid cover for increased visibility.
  • Professional Image. Maintain a professional image with the S-Range Valeting Bay, the Strip-Fix cover gives a smooth, neat finish. This storage and work area also helps to keep tools and equipment organised and tidy.

Why Choose a Temporary Building?

Temporary valeting bays and structures have a lot of benefits, over rigid, immovable structures:

  • Low-Cost Modular Structure. Available in three widths – 5.5m, 6.4m & 7.9m and starting at 4m in length, available in any length in increments of 2m. The structure is designed to be easily extended as needed. The cover is made in 2m strips to allow for easy replacement. This means that you don’t need an entirely new cover if you choose to extend your structure, you’ll just need to purchase the additional cover sections.
  • Save Time and Money with No Foundations. Our temporary valeting bays are designed to be sited on a solid concrete base, concrete pads or concrete blocks and are securely attached using our bespoke bracketry system. This means that you do not need to dig foundations for the structure, saving time and money on costly groundworks. This feature also makes our valeting bays great for premises under lease or where you only require the structure for a short period of time.
  • Turn-Key Assembly or Self-Build Installation. We offer turnkey solutions and can coordinate the construction of your structure on your behalf. However, if you prefer, our S-Range Structures can also be self-built. We provide clear instructions and have specialist plant machinery that you can hire from us to help you get the job done.
  • Easily Relocated. Our S-Range temporary valeting bays are easy to pack down and relocate. Their simple construction and no foundations mean that you can change where you have your structure, move it from site to site or simply pack it down when you don’t need it.

Ready to purchase a Valeting Bay? Contact our Technical Team today on 01282 87120 or email