Pressure Compensating Drip-Line (Technet™ AS)

£139.32 excl. VAT | £167.18 incl. VAT

Pressure compensating drip-line provides maximum uniformity for both above and below surface installations. 

Pressure compensating emitters are ideal for sloping terrains and the continuous self-cleaning design resists clogging. UV resistant for longevity, withstanding heat and direct sun with ease. 

100% water uniformity along the pipe. 

A practical solution for both above or below ground installation; irrigating curved, angular or narrow planting areas with ease. Wind resistant and suitable for both landscaped or horticultural areas.


Tube diameter: 16mm

Emitter spacings: 30cm or 50cm

Roll length: 100m

Dripper flow rate: 1.6l/ph

Pressure compensating range: 5-35m (0.5 – 3.5 BAR)

Wall thickness: 1.0mm

Recommend filtration: 0.10mm – 0.13mm (100-130µm)

Bending radius: 18cm (before kinking)

Colour: Brown

For use with: 16mm Barbed fittings

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