Polytunnel Roof Vent

£64.90 excl. VAT | £77.88 incl. VAT

Easy to install roof vent, with simple pull-cord operation.  Used to release excessive heat build-up in your polytunnel without having to open the doors.  The spring closing design allows it to be closed tight shut when ventilation is not required.  Useful in longer polytunnels where heat can build up in the middle, or when the doors need to be closed.

Support bar kits are sold separately, please purchase based on the hoop diameter of your tunnel.

Support Kit for 32mm available here

Support Kit for 50mm available here

Support Kit for 60mm available here

Technical Specification

Weight: 2.3kg

Top Outlet diameter: 41cm

Base Inlet diameter: 48cm

Overall width: 53cm

Height: 28cm

More Details

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