Overhead Irrigation Systems – 18ft | 21ft Wide Single Span Polytunnel

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Single Strip (Individual Bay Irrigation)

Ideal for single span polytunnels.  Each spray-line waters half of the polytunnel, from the side to the central path.  A special device on each nozzle ensures that most of the water falls uniformly within the strip.  This allows you to have a different watering regime on each side of your tunnel without any overlap. 

Also suitable in multi-span polytunnels/greenhouses where the same effect is desired.  Even though several factors can influence the overall uniformity we would still expect around 80% with these systems (much higher than any other comparable system). 

All of our overhead irrigation systems give the highest levels of uniformity with the least amount of wasted water.  All kits include 30cm weighted drop tubes, anti-drip valves, and the specific sprayer for each particular width of greenhouse.  After all, a sprayer which is suitable for an 18ft wide polytunnel wouldn’t suit a 30ft wide tunnel, and visa versa.  Supplied with two 32mm PVC spray-lines, 50mm header pipe (manifold), PVC ball valve on each line, support wires, pipe clips, Geka hose coupling, and all the necessary fixtures and fittings (even including the glue).

We offer two types of overhead irrigation kits – ‘single strip watering’ for single span polytunnels and ‘overlapping’ for full house irrigation in multi-span polytunnels/greenhouses.

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