Motor Driver Unit (240vAC/24cDC)

£378.89 excl. VAT | £454.67 incl. VAT

Motor Driver Unit (SVA 01 & SVA 20)

Power Input: 240v (single phase), Power Output: 2 x 24vDC. 

These driver units (local controllers) can operate up to two 24vDC motors, either independently or together. Switch control for forward and reverse control operation when in manual mode. The auto function can be switched on if an automatic vent controller is connected, allowing fully automatic operation of your vents. A single auto vent controller can command any number of driver units. Each driver unit can operate 1 or 2 motors.

Requires a 220-240vAC power input which is transformed down to a 24cDC output.

Two models available, a 50W model for the 40Nm motors and a 100W model for the 90Nm and 150Nm motors. Each driver unit operates 1 or 2 vent motors (under normal torque operation).

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