Double Ali-Rail

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Commonly used on commercial polytunnels to fix the cover over the hoop. Extruded with a T slot for fixing with M8 bolts.

Dimensions: 56mm x 14.5mm x 2.95m

Compatible Infill: ITP3 & IBE3

Section Joiners available:  ADJ2

Also available in 5.9m lengths, please contact 01282 873120 for more information.

More about the Ali-Trap Polythene Fixing System

Available as a narrow rail (Ali-Rail) or as a beefed-up box section (Ali-Box).  Both types come with either a single trapping channel or a double trapping channel. Extruded from aluminium with a ‘T’ slot at the rear. The Ali-rail ‘T’ slot takes the hexagonal head of a M8 bolt, whilst the Ali-box takes M10.  The plastic grip strips (in-fills) are placed over the polythene and fitted one at a time, with the base securing the polythene and then the top spreading the base to ensure the polythene cannot come out.

The below image is for example purposes only


Single Ali-trap is mainly used for fixing polythene in to the gutters on a commercial polytunnel. Double Ali-rail is usually fixed over the top of the first and last hoop on a commercial polytunnel, allowing for a simpler, pleat free installation of the cover giving the structure a professional finish. Fittings are available to suit 50mm and 60mm OD hoops and are spaced every metre. 


Single Ali-box is mostly used to make our aluminium doors, as a lightweight base rail or end frame. The main use for double Ali-box is for side rails, base rails and end frames on our commercial polytunnels.

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