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Clear Polythene for polytunnel
Diffused Polythene polytunnel

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Lumisol Diffused means the overall light reaching your crop is reduced by around 2%. This reduction in light creates a slightly cooler environment, up to 4°C lower at midday in mid-summer, which can be a considerable benefit to many crops especially in the sunnier parts of the UK. Read More (opens in external tab)


Lumisol Clear is a UV ’open’ polythene film, allowing UV light to reach your plants. This can have many benefits for both edible and ornamental crops, such as enhancing the fragrance, taste, colour, earlier harvesting and longer post-harvest shelf life.  Read More (opens in external tab)


White UVI Polythene produces shade and reduces daytime temperatures, allowing 60-70% light transmission. A thermic film developed to help keep the growing environment warmer by reducing the heat lost through long wavelength infra-red radiation. Higher overnight temperatures encourage plant growth, can reduce plant losses and allow savings to be made on heating. Read More (opens in external tab)


Green & White Polythene is especially formulated to meet the needs of the mushroom grower. The green outer layer helps this cover blend in with the environment, whilst the white layer reflects internal lighting to provide a pleasant working environment. A black core layer ensures complete opacity (black-out) and contributes to the durability of the film. Read More (opens in external tab)


Full Net Covers Our production method spaces the seams between 2m-3m apart (depending on the size), with the seams running parallel with the hoops (width-ways). Bespoke nets can be supplied which can include hemming and eyelets. Any size can be fabricated. Read More (opens in external tab)


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