Staging Supports

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Looking for quick and easy supports to use with your polytunnel? A simple yet very effective addition to a polytunnel is our staging.

  • Create a work surface at your desired height
  • Add to the available growing space
  • Choose as little or as many supports as you want
  • Add extra lengths at a later date
  • Aquire your own work top however you desire
  • Available in 2 sizes, 32mm hoops or 50mm hoops

Our staging clamps easily to the hoop and can be fitted during the build of your polytunnel or retro fitted. Just select how many supports you require.

Top Tip – place a piece of timber underneath the leg to help stabilise the bench and to stop it sinking in to the earth. Wood NOT included

1 item = 1 support and all the fittings including an exhaust clamp bracket to attach the wood (not supplied) to the staging.

(A minimum of two will be required)

Please note – Make sure you choose the correct size for your tunnel:

  • 32mm fits Easy Build, Hobby and Allotment polytunnels
    50mm fits Super Strength and all commercial polytunnels
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