Shilton Gas Heaters

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For years one of the most popular polytunnel heaters, the Shilton gas heater has been trusted by gardeners for decades and is available in three sizes:

  • 1500 with an output of 1.5kW
  • 3000 with an output of 3kW
  • 6000 with an output of 6kW

Features include:

  • Thermostatic control snapping down to an economical pilot flame.
  • Ignition is by a simple Piezo push button.
  • Safety with a flame failure device.
  • Long lasting aluminium enclosed steel body is powder coated in a smart red finish.
  • LPG model requires a hose and regulator.

Optional Extra

  • Add an optional extra Shilton 3 meter hose kit which consists of:
  • 3 meter hose
  • 2 x jubilee clips
  • 1.5kg/hr propane regulator
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