Hose Tracking Kit

£297.18 excl. VAT | £356.62 incl. VAT

A simple and effective way to use and store hose pipes in polytunnels and glasshouses. Our hose tracking system allows free flowing movement of your hose up and down your greenhouse. 

·         Simple to install

·         Low cost

·         Takes most of the effort out of hand watering

·         Free running operation – light and easy to use

·         High safety factor (no trip hazards)

·         Extends the life-span of your hoses

·         Zero crop damage from trailing hose pipes

The aluminium hose tracking rail is easily fixed to any polytunnel or glasshouse using the universal brackets provided. The universal brackets allow the tracking to be fastened to any framework. In polytunnels, it can be fixed to either the central ridge pole or to the bracing bars (crop bars). In a glasshouse, it can be attached to the trellis beams. Each hose cradle has two carriages to give smooth, snag-free operation. Once assembled this system allows free flowing movement of your hose along the entire length of your greenhouse.

Supplied as a complete kit, including ¾” (19mm) commercial yellow hose, universal brass hose couplings, and a 60cm aluminium ‘soft rain’ lance. Can also be supplied as a basic kit without hose and lance. Alternative types of hose and hose sizes can be supplied, along with a choice of lances/trigger guns.

Call our Technical Team on 01282 873120 for further information. 

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