Harvst Wireless Temperature & Humidity Sensor

£29.16 excl. VAT | £34.99 incl. VAT

Measure air temperature and relative humidity with this wireless sensor. 

Pairs with a Harvst control unit to activate pumps, heaters or other equipment as well as logging data to the Harvst Cloud (for Wifi connected control units).

When connected in Online mode, you’ll be able to monitor the environment from anywhere, receive email alerts when your Polytunnel gets too hot/cold/dry/humid. Email alerts are also supported when the sensor is in stand-alone mode. 


Technical Specification

Sensor Size – approximately 6cm square

Impressive range of up to 25m line of sight from the Harvst control unit

Rechargable battery included, requires a USB-C charger (not included)

Not Waterproof

Battery life of around 6 months in paired mode, or 3 months in stand alone mode (subject to the quality of your Wifi network and sensor range)


More Details

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