Elite Plus Fan Heater 2.7kW

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Elite greenhouse fan heater with heat output of 2.7kW. The thermostat control cuts the heat supply when the selected temperature is reached but allows the air fan to continue.

This updated model has a new ergonomic handle, wider legs for increased stability, rubberised flex and a thermal safety cut-out.

  • Fan heaters improve circulation and control the temperature, protecting against frost and cold weather
  • The unit can be floor or bench mounted on the feet supplied
  • Chains and hooks are provided to suspend the heater from the roof of the building
  • These units can be used as fans in the summer months by switching off the heat unit
  • Size 410mm. x 210mm.Diameter
  • IPX4 splash proof rated
  • Low Voltage Directive and EMC compliant
  • Ideal for polytunnel 10 x 6 foot in area
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