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Mobile Work Shelter
Mobile Work Shelter on Concrete

Our Mobile Work and Storage shelter is the perfect solution for temporary industrial storage and limited workspace issues.


Erected in under 2 hours, our Mobile Shelter is used in a range of industries, from providing dry-storage for vehicles, machinery and equipment to creating a low-cost, temporary work space in automotive and manufacturing industries.


Our Mobile Work Shelter is a robust, portable shelter best suited for temporary jobs and events. Easily dismantled, transported and stored.


The Mobile Work Shelter is available in 4m wide and 4m, 6m and 8m in length. The weather-sealed Work Shelter comes with a Rear Gable & Front Door End by default, but can be supplied open fronted, with a single rear gable, by request.  Please call for details. 

The main cover is supplied in 2m wide strips which attach to the steel arches using our unique StripFix system (similar to how a caravan awning attaches to a caravan). This not only makes the cladding process quick and simple, but also means that you have the added advantage of being able to replace individual cover strips rather than a whole cover should any future damage occur.

Our unique StripFix® system allows the cover to be more effectively tensioned, protecting against weather damage and creating a drum-skin tight finish. Designed to be sheeted in 2m wide PVC strips which are slid into position and individually tensioned, this allows construction to be completed in all weather conditions faster and easier than as a single sheet. Individual strips allow cost-effective maintenance of your canopy and is easily repaired where required.

Foundation Options
Bare Ground

Optional Extras
Cladding Options - Gables:
Our Gable ends are made from the same heavy-duty PVC coated fabric as the main cover, and are easily secured to the framework using adjustable bungy cords. This allows you to create a quick, secure enclosure in a small amount of time, which is equally important when deconstructing or resiting.

We offer a fully closed gable end, and a gable end with a roll-up door

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