Polythene / Netting Fixings

So, the time has come for a replacement polytunnel cover, but what do you need to consider? 

Diffusion: You should think of the diffusion properties of polythene as clouds in the sky. Diffused polythene scatters the light as it passes through, allowing it to hit the plants from all angles.  This ensures your plants will get an even amount of light and not have to grow towards any particular light source, thus avoiding one plant overshadowing another. Even clear films have a small level of diffusion.

Thermic Effect: This is the level of heat retention. The heat that builds up during the day is lost at night and the higher the thermic value of the polythene the slower the heat loss.

Thickness: The thickness of the polythene does not relate to how strong the polythene is or how long it will last, our polythenes have additives (IR, UVI and EVA) that take care of all that. Too thick and it will be difficult to fit and get the tightness, too thin and you run the risk of damage. 

Light Transmission: This is the amount of light that passes through the polythene. Too much direct light can be detrimental to some crops and too little can hinder growth. 

Longevity: All our polytunnel covers come with a five-season guarantee, however, this is not to say your polythene cover will need replacing every 5 years, covers lasting 12-14 years are not unheard of.

W-Wire (Wiggle Wire)
W-Wire 'C' Channel