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Northern Polytunnels Super Strength Polytunnel
Northern Polytunnels Super Strength Polytunnel

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How to decide which Hoop Spacing to choose

If you're going to position your polytunnel in an exposed location then you may want to consider 5ft hoop spacings, however, if you’re in a sheltered location then 6ft spacings should be adequate. 

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Base Plates (for concrete base)
Base plates are only used when fixing your polytunnel onto a solid concrete base.

Traditional Foundation Tubes - Concreting method:
The recognised method when using traditional foundation tubes is to dig a hole (35cm square x 50cm deep) and set the foundation tubes in concrete.

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Doors & Door Frames
Aluminium Door Frames
Our single door frames have a 0.8mtr opening. The double door frames have a 1.7mtr opening. 

Sliding Doors
Our heavy-duty aluminium doors are manufactured using easy-to-assemble aluminium sections incorporating our unique ‘W-Wire’ polythene fixing system. 

PVC Ventilation Panels
A PVC 3in1 door that suits all weathers and gardeners. Made exclusively for Northern Polytunnels.

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Please note, if you order a net cover, there will be a two week delay on shipping as these are made to order.


Polythene Cover
Lumisol Diffused 
Means the overall light reaching your crop is reduced by around 2%. This reduction in light creates a slightly cooler environment, up to 4°C lower at midday in mid-summer, which can be a considerable benefit to many crops especially in the sunnier parts of the UK. 

Lumisol Clear 
Is a UV ’open’ polythene film, allowing UV light to reach your plants. This can have many benefits for both edible and ornamental crops, such as enhancing the fragrance, taste, colour, earlier harvesting and longer post-harvest shelf life.  

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Anti Hot Spot Tape
Padded foam tape which is placed over each polytunnel hoop prior to the polythene sheet being fitted. It acts as insulation between the metal and the polythene to prevent the build up of heat in the steel frame being transferred to the polythene. Extends the life of a polythene sheet by at least one year.
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Optional Extras
Brace Bar Kit (Widthways Crop Bars)
Although often used to hold hanging baskets or to support lateral poles on which to tie up your tomatoes, peas etc, they are more often added to a polytunnel to give it extra strength. 
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Additional Ridge Bars (Lengthways Crop Bars)
Your basic polytunnel should always have a central ridge bar, but additional ridge bars can be added to either one or both sides of a polytunnel.
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Curtain - Left Hand Side/Right Hand Side aka Side Ventilation With Roll-Down Screen
This simple to operate, low-cost ventilation system offers a practical solution during the summer months, especially for longer polytunnels where stale, humid air can build up in the centre of your polytunnel.

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Roof Vents / Fan

Polytunnel Roof Vent
Easy to install roof vent, with simple pull-cord operation. Used to release excessive heat build-up in your polytunnel without having to open the doors. 

Polytunnel Roof Fan

Designed to exhaust excessive heat from larger sized polytunnels, especially where there are no other means of adequate ventilation. 

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Our polytunnel staging kits are a low cost solution where a full length bench is required for your polytunnel. We ONLY provide the steel frame, leaving you to provide your own table-top. 

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Floor Covering

With less than 5% light transmission, this ground-cover material is an effective weed control fabric.

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This innovative product comprises of two 10ft (3m) long plastic gutter strips with an adhesive backing. Can be stuck directly on to your polytunnel cover.

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Available as either a Overhead Sprinkler Watering Kit, Drip-Line Kit or Pot/Growbag Dripper Kit

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