Single Span

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Why Choose Us?

Commercial Grade Materials
Using only the finest commercial-grade materials, all our commercial polytunnels are fit for purpose, robust, and designed to withstand the most extreme weather conditions.

Tailored to Suit Your Demands
Using the latest 3D software, our team of skilled engineers can design, manufacture and construct bespoke commercial polytunnels to meet the demands of your business.

Commercial Growers
To enhance your polytunnel we can supply a range of ventilation options, irrigation systems, air circulation fans, plant benching, Danish trolley track/pathways and more. Prices range from £1469 to £17,150*

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NP Single Span Features

Superior Brackets & Fittings
ArmourGuard® Steel
Configurable Options
BPI Polythene
Cover Tensioning System
Northern Polytunnel Hoop Design
Wiggle Wire Aluminium Fixing Profiles
Aluminium Base Rail, Side Rail And Door Frames

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Our Single Span Polytunnels come in widths of
18ft, 21ft, 24ft, 27ft & 30ft

Choose either Standard Height or our High Sided Option

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The Northern Polytunnel Single Span Ranges:

Economy Range - coming soon
Timber Range
Aluminium Range

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Our Ventilation options include:
End Louvre Vents
Roof Ventilation & Controller
Circulation Fans & Control
Side Vent Options & Automation

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From the latest thermal screen options to heaters and twin-skinning, we can offer all types of heat retention required for efficient crop growing

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Turnkey Solutions

From Crop Bars to Benching, our Turnkey solutions mean you can start growing straight away