Northern Polytunnels have created a cost-effective solution that covers a large space whilst continually providing a high volume, climate controlled growing space.

Each Superbay is designed by our in-house design team before being manufactured within our manufacturing site. It is then shipped and built on the grounds of the grower by our specialised construction team. 

Main Structure Components

Structure Legs 
These are produced from 80mm x 80mm diam. pre-galvanised steel box-section and are positioned at 2.44m centres, both around the outside and internally between the bays.  


One row of legs has been removed and replaced with hoop bridges to give a clear central passageway through the structure.

Hoops and Bracing
These are produced from 60mm pre-galvanised tubular steel.
These are fitted with w Bracing bars Produced from 50mm diameter, with 32mm diameter ‘W’ hangers.

High Volume Gutters
It is widely recognised that most polytunnels are fitted with inadequate gutters. That’s why we supply gutters which are 35% wider and twice as deep as those of other manufactures.

Our 160mm spout which is angled at 45° evacuates the water 2 ½ times faster than the standard 110mm spout adopted by our competitors

Gable Ends
Aluminium box-section end frames with tubular steel uprights on all gable ends - front and rear.  Each end of the greenhouse to be fully ventilated with 40% shade netting on the outside and a mid-drive operated screen on the inside.   The addition of a middle drive tube speeds up operation and supports the screen in the middle to prevent it bellowing and flapping.  Our roll-up screens are operated using 24vDC motors, wired to a local controller (driver unit).  These are then fully automated by means of a temperature-based controller.

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