Polythene / Netting Fixing Systems

Netting is an incredibly versatile tool for commercial growers. It offers a variety of benefits for various types of polytunnels and other forms of plant protection. We supply polytunnel netting for a wide range of uses, and in a range of materials to ensure no one is left wanting when looking for good netting as part of their polytunnel.

There is the option to entirely cover your polytunnel, providing both excellent ventilation and a creative solution for providing shade for your plants without affecting the light quality. Alternatively, you may just need side panels for ventilation on a PVC or polythene top cover. Everything a commercial grower could ask for can be found here.

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PVC Top Infill for Ali-Box and Ali-Trap 3m
W-Wire (Wiggle Wire)
Polytunnel Cover Tensioning Jack
Single Ali-Rail
Double Ali-Rail
Double Ali-Box
Single Ali-Box
PVC Base Infill for Ali-Box and Ali-Trap 3m