As a leading supplier of polytunnels we stock an extensive range of growing and display benching suitable for the commercial sector.

Constructed using the finest commercial grade materials our range of growing and display benching is specifically designed to simplify specific procedures within the agriculture and horticulture industries.


Growing Benches
Helping your commercial growing business become more streamlined, our growing benches are designed to aid your business in a number of ways.


Growing Benches for Cultivation
Specifically designed with reliability in mind we supply growing benches for cultivation purposes. Following extensive testing we’ve ensured our growing benches for cultivation purposes are able to handle extreme weights, can cope with water and sand and can withstand high levels of demand. 


Growing benches for cultivation will make harvesting crops ten times easier with its stacking rack systems and automatic transport systems.

If you think your business could benefit from growing and display benching then feel free to get in touch. Give us a call on 01282 873120 or Email Us to discuss your requirements with us further.